Houtchens Greenfield Sedlak & Zacheis

A new website for the Northern Colorado Law Firm.


Houtchens Greenfield Sedlak & Zacheis, LLC is a law firm based in Greeley, Colorado. The firm has been practicing law for more than a century, offering a wide variety of legal services. They needed a new, clean, professional website worthy of their merit and heritage, as well as a brand new logo and fresh headshots for all firm members.

The Needs

  • Sleek website with blogging capabilities
  • New, professional logo
  • Customized CMS integration
  • New firm headshots


The new website for Houtchens Greenfield Sedlak & Zacheis, LLC had to be clean and professional, but also visually engaging. Their heritage spans more than 100 years,and they offer a vast variety of services. Thus, the site needed to convey a large amount of information in a user-friendly manner. The final product features bold, colorful imagery and clean body copy with plenty of whitespace, creating an engaging interface with easily digestible copy.

Logo Design

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